Communitas Consulting provides services in four main areas: (1) Collaborative Planning, (2) Strategic Planning and Organizational Management, (3) Research and Evaluation, and (4) Executive Coaching.  See Selected Projects in each service area below:


Collaborative Planning

bullet Communitas designs and facilitates an interactive and engaging process for a team of individuals to create a compelling and focused plan, informed by data and key stakeholder input, to improve services or address pressing needs. Plans are grounded in measurable goals, strategies and outcomes, and are accompanied by concrete steps for implementation.


Strategic Planning:

bullet Communitas works with clients to develop and implement focused, practical and bold solutions that build on an organization’s strengths.  Solutions and outcomes are measurable, achievable, and sustainable.


Organizational Management:

bullet Communitas works with clients to gain an understanding of their internal and external environments and helps enhance productivity by introducing more effective communication tools, more efficient management approaches, and clear accountability systems.

Research and Assessment:

bullet Communitas provides clients with objective and professional insight through conducting listening sessions, focus groups, community needs assessments, and rigorous and high quality research projects.



bullet Communitas works with clients to establish and implement reliable and manageable tracking and evaluation systems designed to help them assess program outcomes, continuously improve and communicate organizational value and impact to the public and supporters.


Executive Coaching:

bullet Communitas provides guidance and coaching to executives to achieve transformation in their organizations from the planning stages to successful execution.


Writing and Presentation:

bullet Communitas helps clients reframe, refresh, enliven, and communicate their value and impact through accessible and well-written reports and policy documents.


Technical Assistance:

bullet Communitas draws upon a wealth of management and research expertise in social policy, public sector and nonprofit management and system reform, grants management, human services, health, housing, education, and workforce development programs and policies to provide clients with grounded and up-to-date guidance.


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