The Resource Youth Council recently commissioned Communitas Consulting to produce a study of how well the Capital Region is doing in creating the conditions required for all young people to succeed in the workforce and what the Region can do to increase the odds that youth will set and reach their education and career goals.  The resulting report,  Aligning Potential: Matching the Need and Resources of Youth with the Capital Region’s Future has just been released.

You may also download the Youth Report Appendices and the companion Youth Resource Directory for the Capital Region.


Communitas Consulting completed the steps below to create these two comprehensive reports:
  • Assessed the needs and resources of young people, ages 16-21, in the Capital Region
  • Compiled an inventory of school and community-based workforce development programs for youth
  • Compared the Capital Region with competitive localities through data analysis
  • Engaged stakeholders, employers and young people through interviews and focus groups
  • Analyzed and map demographics, risk factors and educational and employment trends
  • Provided recommendations to Resource and the Region

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