Quotes from a 2012 Confidential Evaluation of Communitas Consulting


“The project was large and complicated and Communitas Consulting kept us on track.  The organization of the material was top notch and timely, making our end run smoothly.”


“Saphira’s understanding of the complex world of human services is a critical factor in her success. She continues to keep up with the research and current issues as well as maintaining openness to new information.”


“Saphira has an exceptional skill to take in a lot of information from multiple perspectives and to synthesize it into a useful product.”


“We are extremely pleased with Communitas Consulting.  Saphira and company took a project that had languished for years in two academic institutions and produced a quality product that grows more and more useful to the Commonwealth of Virginia.”


“We’ve now worked with Communitas on multiple projects and their leadership, management, and final products are always of excellent quality.  I’d highly recommend them to others.”


“The work was performed with intelligence, quick response time and ease. There was excellent attention to detail and Communitas Consulting was a pleasure to work with.”


“Communitas Consulting moves the community to action.”


“Communitas gave structure to a new non-profit. We had an old history but as a new non-profit we struggled with how to set goals – what to do and how to prioritize. Saphira provided excellent guidance in developing a mission, organizational direction and future steps for a new non-profit. “


“Saphira’s work determined the future direction for our nonprofit and helped us explore funding options to continue service as well as ways to improve services to families through more collaborative relationships.”


“The culture created by Communitas fostered transparency and collaboration to set this long term work on a successful track.”


“Communitas Consulting created structured accountability and opened communications.”


“Saphira consolidated information collected over 11+ meetings with approximately 100+ individuals into a concise report ready for publication that will hugely impact the community.”


“Communitas Consulting developed a three-year strategic plan for our organization that has served as a critical blue print for multiple years, and helped us develop an organizational structure and accomplish strategic planning with a measurable deliverable.”


“Communitas Consulting clearly helped our organization: 1. Focus our strengths and build upon them. 2. Identify areas for growth and actions to improve/enhance them. 3. Assess areas of risk and how to work around them. We have made tremendous strides toward our goals, and will continue to do so.”


“The high level processing of community planning and facilitation of groups helped us complete three major community plans. The advice and insight of Saphira is always perfect.”


“A consummate professional; tactful, diplomatic, comprehensive in her approach; and challenging.”


“Saphira is awesome.  Very thoughtful, open, and analytical.  We were fortunate to have her expertise.”


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