About Communitas Consulting

Clients hire Communitas Consulting to help move a project forward, giving it traction and sustainability. Clients include foundations, national, regional and local nonprofits, hospitals, local and state government, and post-secondary educational institutions.


Communitas Consulting engages a network of highly skilled professionals – bringing the right match of expertise and ability to complete each project.


Project Team


Saphira M. Baker, Principal


Saphira M. Baker is the founder of Communitas Consulting and Principal Consultant.  Saphira established Communitas Consulting after more than twenty years of experience in senior positions in local government and nonprofit organizations.  She is skilled in facilitating and developing effective cross-sector partnerships, strategic and community planning, effective grant making, and restructuring and focusing complex organizations.  Her subject area expertise includes health and human services, secondary and post-secondary education, workforce development, civic engagement, urban planning, and community development.

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Saphira Baker has served as Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for Human Services in Richmond, Virginia, directed a planning agency for children and family services for the City of Charlottesville and the County of Albemarle, Virginia, and directed workforce development for the City of Cambridge, Massachusetts. She is a Lecturer in Strategic Planning at the Frank Batten School of Public Policy and Leadership at the University of Virginia. Baker earned her Masters of Public Administration at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and her A.B. at Brown University. See resume for additional background.


Lydia Killos, Associate for Research and Evaluation


Lydia Killos, PhD. joined Communitas Consulting in 2011 as the Associate for Research and Evaluation.  Lydia has over thirteen years of experience in program management, research, and evaluation.  She is skilled at assessing programmatic impact, evaluating associations between program implementation and community impact, and aligning program goals and initiatives with meaningful outcomes.  Her expertise includes research in the areas of: family and organizational dynamics, improving academic, social, and behavioral outcomes for school-aged children, evaluating social norm programs designed to improve health outcomes for college students, and aligning patient educational preferences with health education training and materials.

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Lydia earned her doctorate in Community Psychology from the University of Virginia in 2007. Before joining Communitas Consulting, Killos was a Faculty Lecturer with the University of Virginia, National Social Norms Institute, and a Research Analyst with the American Institutes for Research, working with educational leaders and administrators in multiple districts to design and evaluate education programs and re-align priorities with established benchmarks and standards. See resume for additional background.


Casey Cox, Research and Policy Analyst


Casey Cox, Research and Policy Analyst, joined the Communitas Consulting team in 2009. Casey has experience leading large-scale data collection efforts for policy research in economics, education, and community assessment. She is accomplished at creating and managing complex data and information systems with accuracy and efficiency and has broad experience in data analysis, survey design, research interviews, and project management. Her subject expertise includes community capacity building and youth access to college and financial aid.

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Casey Cox holds a B.A. in International Relations from Brigham Young University. Before joining Communitas Consulting, she was a project manager and research analyst at the University of Virginia. See resume for additional background.

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